Updated operating hours for pharmacies in the MidCentral region   
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Updated operating hours for pharmacies in the MidCentral region 



Helping Pharmacies help you

We represent and inspire a network of local community pharmacies and coordinate service delivery to strengthen the Hauora of our community.

Our Vision: Local community pharmacies are valued and supported to improve the Hauora of our community

ECP Programme

Emergency Contraception (ECP) / Morning after pill

Fully subsidised emergency contraception scheme for those aged 25 years and younger.

Paediatric Gastroenteritis Service

Paediatric Gastroenteritis Service

Fully subsidised assessment and management of childhood gastroenteritis.

Sharps Bin For Safe Needle Disposal

Flu Vaccine

Influenza vaccinations are available at many pharmacies.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Your community pharmacist can help you quit!



What's new in the Midcentral Pharmacy world!

MMR Vaccine

MMR Vaccination

Guardian of the Future

Protect against measles

Selected Oral Contraceptives

Selected Oral Contraceptives

Some brands of contraceptive pills are available over the counter from an accredited pharmacist if the eligibility criteria are met.


Is Your Child Aged Between 2 To 14 Years And Has Mucky, Sticky Eyes?

For a funded consultation with a pharmacist and treatment

About MCPG

MCPG is the umbrella organisation for all member pharmacies, we source and administer contracts for projects that the pharmacies deliver. We work in collaboration with Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, THINK Hauora and other health providers and agencies.


Pharmacy Services

Your Pharmacist can offer health advice and guidance face-to-face on a range of health services such as:

• Flu vaccinations
• Helping you or your family/whanau member to stop smoking
• Tummy bug for babies and children
• The emergency contraceptive pill (ECP)
• Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
• Coughs and colds, hay fever and eye infections
• Blood pressure and weight, with appropriate management advice or guidance
• Nits, lice and scabies
• Other minor ailments